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Terms and Conditions

WS Neutraceuticals, Inc.

All product sales by WS Neutraceuticals, Inc. ("Seller") are made on the following terms and conditions set fourth. Any products sold to the buyer ("buyer") are refered to as "products". Specifically, the products are listed on the web page,, and are limited to Prolastil E-50 face cream and Prolastil E-50 eye serum.

1.Agreement :  The Buyer's purchase or payment for the product(s) constitutes the buyer's acceptance to the terms and conditions set forth herein.  The Seller agrees only to the conditions and terms set fourth in the terms and conditions stated on this web site, The seller at their discretion my require additional information without prior notice to buyer, prior to accepting an order.

2.Order Acceptance :  Upon payment for a product(s), buyer may receive an electronic confirmation of the order. This is not a binding confirmation, as the seller may have the right at any time to accept or reject the order based on their sole discretion.  Seller my require additional information, verification, Seller has the right to amend any orders.

3.Payment Terms :   The Seller has the right to increase prices, run special price discounts, and change its payment terms at it's sole discretion, without prior notification.  Additionally, the buyer agrees to pay in full for product and delivery prior to physically receiving the product(s).

4.Shipping and Delivery :   Seller will deliver the goods to Buyer on the terms set forth in Seller's purchase or acknowledgment. The risk of loss of the goods will pass to Buyer upon identification of the goods to the contract between Buyer and Seller.  The Buyer will be fully responsible for any Product(s) lost in
shipment, or damaged in shipment.  Buyer may contact the Seller to arrange alternative shipping and delivery methods prior to purchase.  The Seller may ship partial orders.

5.Taxes:  Buyer is responsible for all taxes, customs charges, excise or value added taxes.

6.Defects and Limitations: It is expressly here described that the Seller does not make any warranties to the Product(s) or fitness for any particular purpose. Buyer makes no warranties to any Product(s).

7.Delay or Cancellation :  The buyer does not accept cancellations of orders for Product(s) once they are placed buy Buyer. If for certain unusual reasons, the Seller may accept a cancellation prior to shipment.  However all cancellations will be subject to a 15% restocking charge. Seller will not be responsible to Buyer for shipping delays for any reason either under their control or not under their control.

8.Indemnity and Hold Harmless:. Buyer will indemnify and hold harmless Seller with respect to all damages, losses, claims and expenses as result of Buyer's breach of any of Buyer's obligations under these Terms of Sale.  Seller waives the right to remedy in any court of law for any reason against the Seller.  Buyer may seek to resolve any issue with the Seller at the Seller's discretion.

9.Applicable Law Jurisdiction: This agreement , and Terms and Conditions between the Seller and the Buyer will be governed by the laws of the State of Delaware.  Both Seller and Buyer agree to such venue, and application of law.

10.Use of Site: This site is copyrighted and Trademarked.  Use of this site other than for personal use and purchase of Product(s) is expressly prohibited.  Unauthorized use of any part of this site either written or in picture is strictly forbidden, and will be vigorously prosecuted . Additional information is provide in our "privacy policy".

12.Health Information: Health related information on the site is for general information purposes only.  Not for self diagnosis, treatment or advise.  Individuals are encouraged to see a health care professional before acting on any information on this site.

13.Product Description: The Seller does not warrant the Products described on the site or the site content, to be accurate, reliable or current.

14.Privacy Policy: The Seller has a privacy policy that governs the information it may receive from the Buyer.  A full description of the privacy policy is presented on the site, and can also be accesed by going to the 'privacy policy" link provided at the bottom of the home page, www,

15.Complete Agreement: Both parties to this agreement of Terms and Conditions, the Seller and the Buyer, agree to The Terms and Conditions set forth in this document, and constitute the entire agreement between Seller and Buyer.